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Paloma’s Friends: Langkah Membumi Networking Brunch

In the late morning of November 25th, 2023, Paloma Sjahrir Foundation, TS Media, and Ecoxyztem held “Paloma’s Friends: Langkah Membumi Networking Brunch” that brought together selected Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) with a shared passion to champion the environment. Hosted at Jon & Lou, South Jakarta as a part of the vibrant Langkah Membumi Festival 2023, our mission was clear: move beyond intentions and embrace actionable steps in adopting a sustainable lifestyle.

Key highlights:

  1. We launched “The Sustainable Sisterhood”, a collective influence spearheaded by Marianne Rumantir, Tanah Sullivan, and Ratna Kartadjoemena. It aims to unite leaders, public figures, students, and KOLs in a sustainability movement, raising awareness and inspiring a shift towards sustainable practices.
  2. Mohamad Bijaksana Junerosano, CEO of Waste4Change, shed light on the pressing realities of the climate crisis and led the discussion for a collective journey towards change.
  3. Participants were introduced to the available climate solutions across five pivotal themes—Urban Carbon & Clean Air, Circular Economy & Sustainable Products, Clean Energy & Electric Mobility, Water Conservation & Built Environment, and Food & Smart Agriculture. These solutions, spanning products, services, and media platforms, enable participants to start adopting sustainable lifestyles tailored to their interests.
  4. Beyond knowledge dissemination, dynamic conversations ignited among esteemed KOLs. Greeneration Foundation and World Cleanup Day Indonesia shared impactful movements, emphasizing the role of individual contribution in the broader landscape of environmental change.


Resounding Message:

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” This phrase encapsulates the ideal strategy to mitigate the impact of the climate crisis discussed during the brunch. By firstly advocating sustainable lifestyles to those with resources, we create a ripple effect, building a sustainable lifestyle ecosystem that scales climate solutions, making sustainable living accessible to all.

The power to implement sustainable lifestyles lies within our reach. Together, we can use our collective voice to inspire, scale the sustainable lifestyle ecosystem, and alleviate the impact of the climate crisis. Let us harmonize our voices to fuel the widespread adoption of sustainable living and actively contribute to resolving environmental challenges.

The journey towards a sustainable future starts with us – let’s champion change together! 🌿

#SustainableLiving #ClimateAction #EnvironmentalLeadership

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