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brightspotMALL: How can businesses be friendlier to our planet?

On May 7th, 2024, the Paloma Sjahrir Foundation brought positive vibes to the brightspotMALL at Ratu Plaza, Jakarta, by hosting an insightful talk show titled “How Can Businesses be Friendlier to Our Planet?”. Amidst the shopping festivities featuring over 200 curated local brands, our Chairperson, Ratna Kartadjoemena, shared the stage with Anton Wirjono (Founder & CEO of brightspot and The Goods Dept) and Hana Nur Auliana (Corporate Strategy Executive of Waste4Change). The discussion, moderated by Inez S. (Managing Partner, Supernova Ecosystem), covered several key topics:

  1. Sustaining Long-Term Efforts:
    Ratna Kartadjoemena, who has been dedicated to sustainability for over a decade, emphasized the importance of celebrating progress and perseverance. Drawing from her experience with Potato Head Family’s Do Good initiatives and zero waste philosophy, she now leads the Paloma Sjahrir Foundation, connecting impact enterprises with environmental and social missions, like Waste4Change, to supportive networks.
  2.  Addressing Waste Management:
    Hana Nur Auliana highlighted the often-overlooked issue of waste management. She explained how unmanaged waste, particularly in large landfills like Bantar Gebang in Jakarta, presents serious environmental challenges. These include the emission of methane, a potent greenhouse gas, and the contamination of soil and water. Waste4Change addresses this by ensuring all waste is properly processed, preventing it from ending up in landfills. At this year’s brightspotMALL, Waste4Change set up 30 waste points, managing nearly 5 tons of waste in the first week alone. Their services extend beyond events to business and residential clients, promoting broader environmental responsibility.
  3. Revitalizing Spaces and Sustainable Practices:
    Anton Wirjono discussed the innovative use of Ratu Plaza for brightspotMALL, transforming empty corridors into vibrant opportunities. He shared the challenges of implementing sustainability in events, which have short timelines compared to the more predictable patterns in F&B and retail. Anton also expressed hope for technological advancements to reduce waste in the retail industry. Over the past 15 years, brightspot has championed curation in the creative industry, evolving into a trendsetter and launching pad for numerous innovative local brands through its impactful festivals that attract tens of thousands of attendees. This year, brightspot marks a new beginning of championing sustainability. As a leader in Indonesia’s creative industry, brightspot’s collaboration with Waste4Change is a model of how companies can work together for positive impact.

    Overall, the discussion was a warm and reflective exchange that inspired attendees to take small, consistent steps towards making their businesses more environmentally friendly. We all look forward to more sustainable initiatives from brightspot and its tenants in the upcoming events, and invite more business players to follow suit.

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brightspotMALL: How can businesses be friendlier to our planet?
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