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Paloma Circles: The 2nd Business Matchmaking

On November 28, 2023, Paloma Sjahrir Foundation together with Ecoxyztem, P4G Partnerships, and National SDGs Secretariat – Bappenas hosted Paloma Circles: The 2nd Business Matchmaking at ECO-S Coworking & Office Space, Jakarta. The event featured eight early-stage startups that offer intriguing climate solutions:

1. CarbonEthics offers tech-enabled natural climate solutions with pioneers in blue carbon conservation, providing services for carbon calculation, consultancy, sequestration, and digital monitoring systems.

2. Crustea manufactures eco-friendly aerators powered by solar PV. Their smart energy and IoT Pond Monitoring and Controlling System enhance pond farmers’ productivity.

3. PT Indobamboo Lestari specializes in bamboo furniture and building materials, offering a greener alternative to traditional wood products.

4. ReservoAir provides water-absorbing blocks that mitigate flooding risks and increase water reserves. Their services include consultation and implementation for effective water management.

5. Siklus sells refills of consumer goods in customizable amounts and accepts returns of non-refill consumer goods packaging.

6. Sorghum Foods of PT. Sedana Panen Sejahtera (Sedana Agro) focuses on sorghum plantations for food, feed, and fuel, presenting a center for healthy, gluten-free food options.

7. Surplus Indonesia operates a platform for businesses to sell surplus food at a 50% discounted price, reducing food waste and promoting sustainability in the food industry.

8. YAGI Forest produces skincare products free from harmful chemicals. Their products address issues related to hormonal imbalances and promote overall health.

The event attracted a diverse audience of potential investors and strategic partners. The matchmaking process comprised three rounds of in-depth discussions with the startups chosen by the participants pre-event, allowing them to delve into the intricacies of each startup’s vision, impact, operations, and business needs.

Following the engaging discussions, participants reconvened for a vibrant networking dinner, providing an opportunity to continue conversations and delve deeper into areas of interest. The evening was elevated by the flavorful catering from KAUM Jakarta, thoughtfully packaged in convenient returnable and reusable containers by Allas, a venture of Enviu.

Recognizing the value of ongoing dialogue, participants were offered the opportunity for follow-up meetings with the startups post-event. This extended engagement allows for more in-depth exploration of potential collaborations.

The event showcased the commitment of both startups and participants to fostering a sustainable future. With anticipation building, we look forward to the next business matchmaking session, where new connections, partnerships, and innovations are bound to flourish!

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