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Paloma Circles: Dialogue on Electric Mobility

Paloma Sjahrir Foundation hosted its second Paloma Circles – Dialogue series on August 25, 2023, co-hosted by Ecoxyztem and P4G Partnerships at Kaum Jakarta. Moderated by Cinta Azwiendasari, the dialogue was focused on the sector of Electric Mobility where startups and industry players, along with associations and think tanks, gathered to discuss their aspirations, motivations, and challenges.

The primary objectives of “Paloma Circles – Dialogue on Electric Mobility” are centered around fostering meaningful interactions between the participants and building camaraderie within the EV industry vertical. By bringing together a diverse group of stakeholders, including industry veterans, emerging startups, and key players, the dialogue intends to connect like-minded individuals and organizations to further drive innovation and collaboration within the electric mobility sector.


The dialogue engaged participants in sharing challenges they face in the nascent industry, and captured aspiration and motivations from the participants, particularly in the context of further developing the EV ecosystem in Indonesia. By convening different stakeholders in the industry, “Paloma Circles” seek to enhance collaborative efforts among players, ultimately contributing to the ongoing growth and sustainable development of electric mobility as a transformative force in transportation.

Thank you to all participants who joined us for the event Electrum, VKTR, GESITS, Quest Motor Group, Charged Indonesia, Michael Limandibhratha, Darian Verdy Retianza, Blitz Electric Mobility, MAKA Motors, Spora EV, Oyika, Charge+, PT TBS Energi Utama Tbk, Ecoignite, ITDP Indonesia, Asosiasi Ekosistem Mobilitas Listrik, New Energy Nexus, Institute for Essential Services Reform (IESR).

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