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Our Work

Our work includes the Paloma Circles and Business Matchmaking program, where we collaborate with like-minded organizations to provide a platform for participants to engage in discussions, exchange ideas, and expand their networks. The subject matter of these programs varies with each session, ensuring a dynamic and diverse range of topics within the impact industry.

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Latest Updates

Paloma Circles: Dialogue on Carbon

On the morning of 10 March 2023, Paloma Sjahrir Foundation hosted its first Paloma Circles – Dialogue series which aims to connect climate startups in the same sector with each...

Paloma Sjahrir Foundation participates as a member of the IIA

On 10 May 2023, the Indonesia Impact Alliance (IIA) was launched. The Ford Foundation, government associations and business communities in Jakarta attended the launch with the aim of attracting increased private capital...

Hightlights from the first Indonesia Future of Climate Summit (IFCS) 2023

IT HAPPENED! Fairatmos with Paloma Sjahrir Foundation and Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN) hosted the FIRST Climate Technology Conference in Indonesia: Indonesia Future of Climate Summit 2023 (IFCS)....

Highlights from Impact Business Days on Waste Management

Instellar Indonesia and IKEA held Instellar & IKEA Social Entrepreneurship Indonesia Accelerator (I-SEA) Impact Business Days on June 7-8, 2023 at the Pullman Thamrin Hotel in Jakarta. This event is...

XYZ Factor Episode 1: Climate-tech for Sustainable Tourism

XYZ Factor, one of Ecoxyztem’s flagship programs, debuted with the first episode uploaded on Ecoxyztem’s YouTube channel on May 5, 2023. XYZ Factor is an initiative aimed at bringing climate-tech...

Paloma Circles: The 1st Business Matchmaking

In a world grappling with environmental challenges, businesses that prioritize sustainability and carbon reduction are paving the way for a greener future. Following up the Carbon Dialogue on March 10,...

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